Can't sleep well whenever your 3D printer is printing at night?

Compulsively checking your prints every 10 minutes?

The Spaghetti Detective constantly watches your prints in the background so you don't have to.

How Does It Work?


Webcam captures real time 3D print images and sends them to The Spaghetti Detective.


The Spaghetti Detective gauges the likelihood of a failure by analyzing the images.


If a possible failure is detected, it will pause the printer, turn off the heaters, and alert you via email or text.


You cancel the print from your phone if failure is confirmed. Save time, $, and your worries.

See It In Action

More timelapses in our Spaghetti Gallery

4 Simple Steps To Set Up

Step 1: Connect Raspberry Pi with camera to your printer.

Step 2: Install OctoPrint and The Spaghetti Detective plugin.

Step 3: Sign up as The Spaghetti Detective beta user.

Step 4: Start printing with peace of mind.

How Much Does It Cost?


$0 / mo

Surprise Surprise! The Spaghetti Detective is actually open source and FREE when you self-host the server.

  • Full set of features.
  • Unlimited printers and print hours.
  • Forum support.
  • Train your own Machine Learning model.
  • It needs a real computer, not a Pi.
Install And Run It


$0 / mo

Don't want the hassle of running your own server? Not a problem. Hook up your printer to our hosted server.

  • Up to 1 printer. Unlimited during beta testing.
  • The first 5 print hours each month will be monitored.Unlimited during beta testing.
  • Limited set of features. Full set of features during beta testing.
  • Forum support. Email support during beta testing.
Sign Up


$2 / mo / printer

Not available during beta testing.

  • The first 20 print hours each month will be monitored.
  • Limited set of features.
  • Forum support.


$10 / mo / printer

Not available during beta testing.

  • Unlimited printer hours.
  • Full set of features.
  • Email support.

People Behind The Spaghetti Detective

Kenneth Jiang


20 years of software programming. Principal Engineer at eBay.

Ivan Rybnikov

Chief Data Scientist

Machine Learning Expert. Principal Research Scientist at Google.

Sign Up As Beta Tester

What does it mean?

  • As a beta tester, you will have access to the FULL FEATURES of The Spaghetti Detective during beta testing period.
  • After beta testing ends, you will have the option to turn your test account into the FREE service tier, or upgrade it to a premium account.
  • Please make sure you have what's needed to use The Spaghetti Detective before you sign up.