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  • Access OctoPrint from anywhere, on your phone
  • Improved WebCam streaming at 25 frames-per-second
  • AI-powered print failure detection
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The Spaghetti Detective

Simple Steps To Set Up

Step 1

Sign up and start your free trial with The Spaghetti Detective

Step 2

Set up Raspberry Pi with Octoprint

Step 3

Connect Raspberry Pi to printer and webcam. Install The Spaghetti Detective plugin.

Step 4

Link the Detective up with your printer and print away!

Save time and money

Save time and money

The Spaghetti Detective watches your prints constantly for problems and intervenes to catch failures early.

Catch Print Hazards Early

Catch print hazards early

Check in on your prints in real time to instantly know if the printer is acting up.

Lower equipment damage risk

Lower equipment damage risk

Keep a close eye on your setup and step in before anything goes awry.

Secure remote access

Secure remote access

Access your printer securely from anywhere without opening your home network to the wild internet.

Manage Printing Remotely

Manage printer on your phone

Start/pause/cancel prints anytime, anywhere! Upload your print files and kick-off prints from your phone, desktop, or tablet.

Get the most out of Octoprint

Get the most out of Octoprint

Conveniently access Octoprint's full UI functionality when away from your home network with our tunneling feature.

Help along the way!

Help along the way!

Collaborate with The Spaghetti Detective's Discord community.

What People Are Saying

“ Trying out the @thespaghettispy - it works surprisingly well. Stopped the print after a few centimeters of spaghetti. I'm impressed! I mean I can barely see the issue in that photo…”

- Mirarkitty on Twitter

“ I'm watching TV, and I get an alert from the detective on my phone. I go look, and it looks the the print is finished. Looking closer, I see that it stopped at 98 %. Looking at the print, I see that the print has been knocked out of alignment. If the print had continued, the last 2% would have been offset. What I find amazing about this, is that the detective could tell that there was a problem without any spaghetti being generated. I didnt realize that the algorithm could detect this failure as well. Well done dev team!”

- Chuck Sommerville on Facebook

“ Keep up the good work. This program is invaluable. Saved me at least 10 messes already.Worth a few false positives not resuming quickly.”

- Justin Wawrzonek on Facebook

Featured On

Kenneth Jiang

Kenneth Jiang

Founder, Software Programmer and 3D Printing Enthusiast

While he is fascinated by how much 3D printing empowers makers like himself, he is also stunned by how grossly outdated the 3D printing softwares are. The Spaghetti Detective is his most recent effort at bringing new technologies to 3D printing.

Other works: OctoPrint Anywhere and the Slicer Plugin

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