The Spaghetti Detective Setup Guide

Hardware Requirements

Currently The Spaghetti Detective only works with OctoPrint (it's on our roadmap to support other platforms such as Duet3D). Before you start setting up The Spaghetti Detective, make sure:

  • OctoPrint is installed and set up correctly. The easist way to set up OctoPrint is to get a Raspberry Pi and follow this guide.
  • A webcam is set up for your printer and connected to OctoPrint. Joe Mike Terranella has an excellent video for it.
  • There is sufficent lighting to illuminate the printing area of your printer. If your printer is in a lighted room, you are probably fine. If you'll print with light off, you will need to make sure the printing area is illuminated when your printer is printing. A LED strip or small LED lamp will do the trick.

Step 0: Install The Spaghetti Detective plugin in OctoPrint.

0.1 Go to your OctoPrint page. Open OctoPrint settings page by clicking the wrench icon. On the settings page, click "Plugin Manager", then "Get More...".

0.2 Type "The Spagehtti Detective" in the box, you will see "The Spagehtti Detecive (Beta)" plugin. Click "Install". OctoPrint will ask you to restart after the plugin is successfully installed.

0.3 After OctoPrint is restarted, you will see a wizard page. Click on "Sign up a beta testing account". It'll open a new browser tab for the next step.

Step 1: Sign Up The Spaghetti Detective beta account.

1.1 In the new browser tab, sign up with your email, Google or Facebook account.

1.2 One you are logged in, you can optionally add a phone number. If you choose to do so, The Spaghetti Detective will send you alerts via text (SMS), as well as email.

Step 2: Add a new printer.

2.1 Once you are logged in, click "Add Printer".

2.2 Give your printer a name, and leave other settings in their default values. Then click "Next". You will see a screen showing how you can install TheSpaghettiDetective OctoPrint plugin. Since you have done it in previous step, click "Next" again to skip it.

2.3 Copy the token to the clipboard. Now switch back to the browser tab where OctoPrint is open to continue onto the next step.

Step 3: Set up token and confirm printer connection.

3.1 Now we are back to the OctoPrint page. Paste the token you copied from step 2.3 into "Secret Token" box. Click "Test" and you should see "Secret token is valid" message. Now click "Finish" to close the wizard dialogue.

3.2 Go back to The Spaghetti Detecive page that you left open in step 2.5, and you should see its status changed from "waiting" to "done". If you don't see the status change within one minute, contact us for help.

3.3 Once you click "done", you will be brought to The Spaghetti Detective's main page. On this page, you can view the real time webcam feed, as well as the gauge that indicates how likely your print is experiencing a problem.

What do I expect next?

Ideally once you have set up The Spaghetti Detective, you can just forget about its existence until it alerts you via email or text for possible print failures. However, since The Spaghetti Detective is still in beta testing, it may send you some false alarms. If you want to know more what to expect next, check How It Works.