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The Best OctoPrint Plugins And How To Install Them

· 8 min read

OctoPrint is a web interface dedicated to making 3D printing easier by allowing you to control and monitor the process. The software allows you to access and control virtually any parameter on your printer.

Moreover, in a heart-warming, traditional internet fashion, it’s open source.

There is a vast database of plugins developed by the 3D printing community that make your experience with OctoPrint even better, and here we list and explain the most popular ones.

Table of Contents#

Plugin #1: Bed Level Visualizer

Plugin #2: OctoPrint-PrintTimeGenius

Plugin #3: Octolapse

Plugin #4: DisplayLayerProgress

Plugin #5: Themeify

Plugin #6: Firmware Updater

Plugin #7: Navbar Temp

Plugin #8: Access Anywhere - The Spaghetti Detective

Plugin #9: OctoPrint-Dashboard

Plugin #10: Creality 2x temperature reporting fix

How to get OctoPrint plugins?


Plugin #1: Bed Level Visualizer#

Nothing is more important to get the perfect print than your printer’s bed. It’s surface needs to be spotless and levelled. If your printer has a mesh levelling feature, this OctoPrint plugin is one of the best tools for you.

The Bed Level Visualizer converts data from the bed topography report into a comprehensive 3D map. Thanks to that you get a visualization of the build plate.

Bed level visualizer Bed Level Visualizer tab view (Source:Bed Level Visualizer page on OctoPrint Plugin Repository

Check out this user guide video to learn more.

Recommended for:#

  • Diagnosing any build plate issues, for example mechanical damage or wrong bed level.

Created by:#


GitHub page


Plugin #2: OctoPrint-PrintTimeGenius#

Time waits for no one, and every second counts when you have a bunch of prints queuing up.

PrintTimeGenius gives the most accurate estimation of the print time, using both gcode analysers and print history.

The plugin can include the bed and nozzle heating time in its calculations, as well as correct the print time during the process. It promises to get your time right to even seconds!

Recommended for:#

  • Precise estimation of printing time.

Created by:#


GitHub page


Plugin #3: Octolapse#

Time lapses are like a dash of magic in our technical world Octolapse is here to make an enchanting journey out of your print.

The plugin allows to move the extruder out of the frame and position the print bed at the same place each snapshot is taken. All the features are explained in-depth on the Octolapse project website

Play some copyright-free relaxing music in the background and share it with the world to see!

Octoprint gif
Video made with Octolapse by WitdRoseBuilds

Recommended for:#

  • Making smooth and highly customable time-lapse videos that are a sight to behold.

Created by:#

Brad Hochgesang

GitHub page

Project Homepage


Plugin #4: DisplayLayerProgress#

This plugin informs you of print layer progress, estimated end time and current height, all compressed into a simple progress bar.

The information that DisplayLayerProgress provides can be displayed on OctoPrint’s NavBar and as a tab title or as a pop-up. It even allows you to display progress percentage and current layer on the printer display itself!

DisplayLayerProgress_bar DisplayLayerProgress pop-up (Source: DisplayLayerProgress on OctoPrint Plugin Repository)

Recommended for:#

  • Checking printing progress in real time.

Created by:#


GitHub page


Plugin #5: Themeify#

When you’re done messing with the OctoPrint settings, there’s a room for adding a bit of personality to the interface.

Themeify lets you modify the colour palette and basically any other aspect of the browser display.

themeify_window Discord-inspired Dark Theme for OctoPrint (Source: Themeify on OctoPrint Plugin Repository)

The community is having a lot of fun with this plugin, so if you’re interested in making your OctoPrint shine like a diamond, be sure to visit the forum thread.

Recommended for:#

  • Personalized app look, including colour, font types and sizes, etc.

Created by:#

Birk Johansson

GitHub page


Plugin #6: Firmware Updater#

As the title name suggests, this tool updates your printer's firmware from OctoPrint.

Instead of getting printer-specific software or looking for a dedicated flashing program, this smart plugin aggregates many types of firmware, including boards used in Creality and Prusa printers.

Firmware Updater also allows to customize and configure flashing methods and run a gcode or system command before or after firmware update.

Recommended for:#

  • Flashing many types of printers and adding pre- or post-flashing commands.

Created by:#

Ben Lye, Gina Häußge, Nicanor Romero Venier

GitHub page


Plugin #7: Navbar Temp#

The Navbar Temp tool displays bed, nozzle and SoC (Raspberry Pi’s chip) temperature on NavBar.

It is still in development, so as the authors say: “get ready for testing". NavBarTemp NavBar Temp plugin settings window Source: Navbar page on OctoPrint Plugin Repository)

Recommended for:#

  • Checking temperatures on the printer and Raspberry Pi.

Created by:#

Cosik, Jarek Szczepanski

GitHub page


Plugin #8: Access Anywhere - The Spaghetti Detective#

Okay, I might be a little biased here: I think The Spaghetti Detective is super awesome.As a 3D printing enthusiast it makes my life so much easier. Either way, Access Anywhere- The Spaghetti Detective is currently ranked 8 on the most popular OctoPrint Plugins! So what is it?

The Spaghetti Detective, formerly OctoPrint Anywhere, is an all in one plugin that gives you the ability to monitor and control your 3D printer from anywhere with internet connection. Using the Using Artificial Intelligence, and a webcam or Raspberry Ri camera, it determines whether there’s something wrong going on with your print in real time and can send you a notification or intervene by itself preventing equipment damage and wasted filament.

Check out the Spaghetti detective in action. Pay attention to the gauge at the bottom. Video from the official Spaghetti Detective youtube account.

If it sounds a bit too futuristic, that’s what I thought at first too! While The Spaghetti Detective is still learning, and she does make mistakes, she has already watched over 45,000,000 hours of prints, caught over 575,000 failures and saved over 10,000 spools of filament from being wasted. Moreover, this plugin gives you the ability to access your webcam from any device, as well as save time-lapses of your prints. A dedicated smartphone app works both on iOS and Android devices.

Spaghetti detective
Spaghetti Detective phone control panel (Source: The Spaghetti Detective page on OctoPrint Plugin Repository)

However, this plugin has one “but". It’s open source, but to obtain additional features like e-mail support customization of the AI model you have to get a paid subscription from the official Spahgetti Decetive website.

Recommended for:#

  • Recognising print fails in real time.

  • Getting live feed of the printing process on your phone.

Created by:#

TSD Team

GitHub page

Project Homepage


Plugin #9: OctoPrint-Dashboard#

OctoPrint-Dashboard plugin gives you all the basic data of an ongoing print in a user-friendly and informative format.

In general, widgets include:

  • Temperatures readout

  • Print progress

  • Print time

  • Current layer and height

  • Webcam view

It can be accompanied with PrintTimeGenius and DisplayLayerProgress explained above.

octoprint_dasboard Dashboard’s user-friendly display (Source: OctoPrint-Dashboard page on OctoPrint Plugin Repository)

Recommended for:#

  • Real time overview of a bunch of printing parameters.

Created by:#

Stefan Cohen, j7126, Willmac16

GitHub page


Plugin #10: Creality 2x temperature reporting fix#

Creality is renowned for making affordable desktop printers, but any Ender or CR series user knows all too well there is much space for improvement (and fun DIY’s!). With the release of v2 line, we receive a set of new “challenges" to overcome.

Creality 2x temperature reporting fix corrects temperature reporting for printers with new mainboard: Ender-3 Pro's, Ender-3 Pro v2, CR-6 SE and others.

Recommended for:#

  • Fixing readout errors for the new generation of Creality machines.

Created by:#

Albert MN. @ SimplyPrint, b-morgan


How to get OctoPrint plugins?#

To get the plugins, simply open the links provided, or browse OctoPrint plugin repository by yourself.

The installation process can be done via Plugin Manager built into OctoPrint or with a command line.

Plugin Manager gives 3 options to install a plugin: from the listed plugin repository (using search bar), from URL or from an archive stored in your hardware.

install plugin octoprint Plugin Manager Browser (Source: OctoPrint Help)

To install a plugin via command line, paste it into the command line of the host you installed OctoPrint on.

This wonderful video by Thomas Sanladerer can help you get through the process.

For more information see OctoPrint Help Page.